Left Lane is a vertically integrated real estate development company based in New York City.

Lapis.co initially hired Fokus LLC to redesign a skincare startup’s online store that was built a few years ago. After showcasing our technical expertise in development, as well as UX/UI-focused interactive design, Lapis.co decided to move forward with hiring Fokus LLC for a larger, mission-critical e-comm project.

One of the projects included "Left Lane". The design was shared in FIGMA. The goal was to create a hand-coded flawless WordPress front-end that’s mobile-friendly. We kicked off doing a design research and strategy review with the priority on UI/UX. Then we created a hand-coded front-end

After launching the site, their engagement metrics sky-rocketed. The visitors were spending more time on the site with fewer drop-offs.

Left Lane


Website Development
Brand Identity
Content Development
Digital Advertising