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About Us

Fokus is a web development agency, architecting the digital.

We connect design, technologies and brilliant ideas together. Our goal is to bring changes in future minds by developing impeccable digital stores. Fokus LLC is a full service web development agency with passion for design and development.


User Research

We adopt popular research methods such as surveys or interviews to obtain real people’s understanding of the proposed industry.

We work with our customers to understand their brand and how it will serve their users.


At this stage, we gather all the information from the user research stage for analysis and selection of the most important elements.

This is where we create a persona to help the design team know who our users are.


Our designers use a low fidelity version to give you an outline of the structure and layout. We understand that users associate good feelings with brands that look good and speak to them at all levels. With the elements of gamification, we will make your design more fun and engaging.


Before beginning any project, we ensure that a web framework is planned. This allows the development team to plan what frameworks are best suited for the project.
This also ensures we have a workable platform that is fast, responsive and easily scalable.

Quality Control

We always carry quality assurance and control as a way to prevent mistakes and defects in developed websites or stores. By doing so we also avoid problems when delivering to customers.


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