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You need a digital presence that hustles. It does the leg work. It attracts new customers and generates real sales. It is working while you are sleeping, and working when you are working too.

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Today’s world lives in a digital ecosphere. Let us be your guides through it.These are just some of the things Fokus can do for you:


From concept to execution, we create digital campaigns from scratch and show you the way to expand your online presence and make it shine.


Successful brands anticipate change. So we are always exploring the latest online marketing trends, keeping you ahead of the game.


Smart and responsive are not just buzzwords. It’s the way we act and design. Delivering attention-grabbing graphics that just work is what we do best.


Beauty is nothing without usability and that's why our in-house devs work together with creatives. We use the latest technology and we never stop learning.

Our Clients

Our clients will tell you that we are far more than a vendor. We are a partner. We tie our success to yours so that our visions and motivations align. Here are just a few of our client partnerships.

About Us

Fokus is a global collective of digital, marketing and sales veterans who have combined to bring you a new way of doing business. Our mission is one with a concentrated vision and a singular purpose—we want to make the world a better place by connecting our client partners with excited customers who can forge a mutually beneficial relationship whereby both parties succeed.

We are not your “get me rich pick” agency. That type of thinking only leads to a predictable, unhappy, unfulfilling end. We are as selective as you are with whom we partner up with, and our relationships tend to be long and rewarding for all parties.

Fokus is about aligning visions. It is about going in the same direction. It is about efficiency, intelligence, introspection and honesty. This is how we succeed. This is how we help our partners succeed.